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New Jet Ski Solution for Portugal

  MRM Special Projects Example: Jet Ski Hire Company in Portugal with high turnover of staff find that Hirers do not return Jet Skis within the agreed Rental Time, that it is difficult to establish how many times each jet ski is rented each day and that there is a risk of theft. Requirements; 1. A means to count the number of times each jet-ski is used. 2. A means to control the amount of time of each usage remotely. 3. A means to locate the Jet-Ski in the event of theft. Solution; MRM have developed an optional extra program to control both the time cycle that the Jet Ski will run for and a counter that will send the owner the number of times that the Jet Ski has being rented out. How it works: When the Hirer rents a unit for 15 minutes, the sales person sends a coded text message to the unit number with the time limit of 15 minutes. The engine of the Jet Ski can only now be started and the time cycle will start to run on the MRM Unit. When the 15 minutes is reached the unit will flash a warning message positioned on the steering and also cut the power of the Jet Ski to half power, thereby taking away the driving fun and forcing the hirer to return to the base. The unit will not operate in full power again until the next client hires the Jet Ski and the time cycle limit is once again sent to the MRM unit. Each time that a new client rents the Jet Ski a numbered text is sent to the owner telling him the current Rental Number and time cycle eg. “Rental Number 1026 - 20 minutes from 15:23 on 16/10/2007”. At the end of the Day the owner will know the number of times that the unit was rented and each time cycle, leaving him in a position to request the correct payment for each Jet Ski based on the number and duration of rentals. This he can do now without being on site.

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