MRM GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Web Based Solution

  • No Software Installation required. 
  • Highest standards of Support & a Two Year No Quibble Guarantee.
  • Accessible from any PC (with an internet connection).
  • Constantly updated & improved without any additional charges to Customers.
  • Caters for single vehicles or large fleets with FleetWatch.
  • Provides Live Monitoring of Multiple Vehicles.
  • When you deal with MRM you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  • Mapping

    The MRM GPS vehicle tracking system offers a choice of mapping, Satellite Imagery is also provided. it is the number 1. real-time online GPS Fleet Tracking solution. Data is transmitted securely between the MRM GPS device and our application servers in our secure data centre. It provides a continuous stream of information including:

    • Location
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Routes Taken
    • Map Journeys
    • Full Satellite Imagery

    These are just a few examples of the information that is available in REAL-TIME from all the vehicles in your fleet fitted with the MRM GPS Device.

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    The MRM GPS Vehicle Tracking System contains a standard Sim card which facilitates individual vehicle, or large fleet tracking via a mobile phone or the Internet.

    The device can also be programmed to send alerts to a mobile phone for instances such as:

    1. Vehicle Moving outside a set radius.
    2. Vehicle exceeds a set speed.
    3. Vehicle Alarm has been activated.

    MRM GPS Vehicle Tracking System Reports

    All information is stored on the MRM secure web farm indefinitely, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the allocated username and password.

    Some of our popular reports are listed below:

    • Start & Stop Times.
    • Find Nearest Function.
    • Area of Use Report.
    • Usage by Time.
    • Real Time Multiple Vehicle Tracking.
    • Detailed records on all journeys including Time, Location, Direction & Speed.
    • Total Journey Time.
    • Duration of stop periods.
    • Max Speed Report.
    • Time at Location Report

    Track by Text Message

    SMS permits the user to communicate with the vehicle directly via a mobile phone, and accessing such information as vehicle speed, vehicle location (in map form, text form or both).


    When you deal with MRM you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. You can rest assured that the very highest standards of after sales service will be maintained.


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